When they say variety is the spice of life, babies were paying attention, because they sure do love doing things in different but cute ways. Let’s take crawling, for instance, there’re quite a number of crawling positions that babies use to get around.

Not all babies adopt the classic hand and knees crawl, some pick up other crawling styles that suit them. Some babies do use more than one style. They may start from one and pick up one or two more before settling on any one (or two) of their choice.

Crawling is one of the earliest methods of locomotion (movement) that infants learn. It involves the use of various parts of the body, but most especially the limbs and the tummy.

How many types of crawling styles are there?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there’re six crawling styles that infants adopt for locomotion. They include:

  1. Crab crawl
  2. Creeping, belly or commando crawl
  3. Rolling crawl
  4. Bear crawl
  5. Classic hands and knees or cross crawl
  6. Bottom scooter

Different crawling positions

Let’s discuss all the crawling positions listed above while you watch out for the category your baby falls into.

1. Crab crawl

crab crawl
Credit: https://www.babysense.com

In the crab crawl style, your baby balances its weight on their fours, but with one leg unbent.

2. Creeping, belly or commando crawl

Credit: https://mamiverse.com

Creeping is, oftentimes, a baby’s first attempt at crawling. Although some babies might not necessarily go through this crawling stage, most babies usually creep before they crawl. Nevertheless, creeping is still regarded as a crawling style.

In this crawling style, your baby relaxes their belly on the floor and push their head up with their legs stretching out behind them, while they try to pull themselves forward like a soldier crawling through a narrow tunnel.

3. Rolling crawl

Credit: https://www.momjunction.com

In this crawling style, your little one crawls on both hands and legs flat on the floor without bending the knees or the elbow.

4. Bear crawl

crawling positions: bear crawl
Credit: https://www.parents.com

In this crawling style, your little one crawls on both hands and legs flat on the floor without bending the knees or the elbow.

5. Hands and knees or cross style

crawling position: cross crawl

This is what pops up on everyone’s mind when they hear about crawling. The cross crawling style is the traditional hands and knees bent on the floor style. The baby moves by alternating the movement of the hands and legs.

6. Bottom scooter

Credit: https://community.whattoexpect.com/

In this style, your baby moves by scooting on their bottom with the aid of their arms.

Final words

Always remember that there are different crawling positions begging for your baby’s attention. If your little one decides to go with a not-too-common option, then it’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with your baby.

It doesn’t matter which crawling position your baby adopts. It’s all good as long as your baby is comfortable with it and they’re able to effectively use both sides (right and left) of their body without difficulties.

Asanga Patience

Asanga Patience is a science writer with a passion for fact-based storytelling. She has a background in Animal and Environmental Biology.