Really? What’s the best way to get your child to study? There’s no one best way. Every child is unique and that’s why you might not be able to use the same study-prompt recipe for Ade and Eyi. However, there are a few right steps you can take to get your child to study, even on their own. Yes, even while the COVID-19 lock-down is still on.

Identify why your child do not like to study!

There are a lot of reasons why your child might not like to study. But most kids usually have a few in common:

  1. No schedule – This never feels like a big deal until you piece the puzzle together. Kids don’t enjoy being told to go study when they’re watching an animation or some funny kid show.
  • Even as adults, we don’t like the idea of turning off our favourite TV show because we need to get busy. That’s why college students still watch a movie the night to an exam.
  • Kids are no less different from us. With a schedule, screen or play time will never clash with study time. Make a schedule for your child now!
  1. They get bored and think learning is difficult – Studying isn’t always naturally fun. Granted, there are some topics kids genuinely do love, and there are others, you literally have to drag your kids to learn.
  • Example: Ola didn’t like to study, I always had to introduce fun learning concepts but one particular topic didn’t need me doing that. In fact, he always wanted us to do that – division problems. At first, I was glad that he was willing to study on his own and then, it became annoying when that was the only thing he wanted to do.
  • Kids are like that; they won’t like everything. Introduce games like puzzles, crosswords, stories, songs, videos, colouring games, craft etc. into their learning. Introduce what will get their attention. If your child hates crosswords, then leave it out.
  • Match topics they love with those they don’t. Please, don’t make them study for long hours. If they find a particular math topic difficult, start them off with simpler tasks in that topic.
  1. They see studying as a punishment – Children won’t enjoy studying if that’s how you punish them for an offence they committed. Exception, of course, are those that already head over heels in love with school, books and studying.
  • If you are guilty of this and want to get your child to study, then you will have to say good bye to this form of punishment. When a child misbehaves, don’t ask him or her to go study or do their homework. Why? Because their brain starts to interpret studying as a form of punishment.
  • Instead of asking them to go study when you want to discipline them, ask them to do something else. There are over a thousand and one ways to punish kids – pick something else.

What more?

Listen to your child and know what they are interested in. Let them see study time differently.

Don’t focus so much on grades, good grades are cool but it shouldn’t always be about grades. It should be about them learning.

If they show improvements, praise them about it no matter how minute it is to you. To them, it is a big deal. They won’t develop a sudden interest in studying so don’t rush it.

COVID-19 having kept these kids away from school doesn’t mean that their education should take a break. Get them interested in studying and remember, there is no one way to get your child to study.

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Naga Odigie

When I'm not obsessing about the wonders and dynamics of the human brain, I'm a secondary caregiver and a biomedical scientist roaming the city of Benin.


Samuel Ifeanyi · April 1, 2020 at 6:53 pm

I love this post!

It’s the most complete article I’ve read so far on how to get kids to study.

I have very little experience in that aspect and I think this will help.

    iRebel · April 2, 2020 at 9:00 am

    Thank you for reading. Glad you loved it?

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