5 Reasons Why you Should Introduce Arts and Crafts for Kids

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    If this is your story, then this article on arts and crafts for kids was specially written for you. In this modern age and time, most parents now resort to technology to keep their kids both entertained and occupied. However, believe me when I say there is a more excellent way.

If your kids are between the ages of 2 and 8, you can engage them in arts and crafts. Yes, I agree technology is good but it doesn’t mean playing and making things with their hands should be relegated to the background.

There are a thousand and one benefits you wouldn’t want your kid to lose out on. Here are some reasons why you should introduce arts and crafts to your kid.

1. It will improve their coordination and motor skills

When your kids try drawing, painting or even cutting a piece of paper, they put the muscles of their hands to work. So when next your child is scribbling on a note pad, let him do so. With time, he will learn to hold a pen correctly. As he learns to make use of both hands at the same time in craft activities, his bilateral skill coordination is being improved.

So, even as they work with art materials, their motor skills are being developed. With time, you’ll notice that they will be better able to put on their shoes themselves or even eat by themselves.

2. It helps them to express themselves.

Giving your child colour pens or crayons and paper to work on might not seem a big deal but it is. Children are very visual and really observant of all that takes place around them, they absorb information either knowingly or unknowingly.

If you have a child that is withdrawn, shy and not so comfortable expressing him/herself in words, arts and crafts may give them what they need. By encouraging them to engage in such activities, you can also get better insight on your child’s thoughts and how he/she feels.

3. It builds a healthy self esteem

What better way to boost your kids self confidence than to engage in arts and crafts. By letting your kids engage in such activities, you give your kids this sense of achievement and allow them take pride in what they’ve worked on.

With arts, they can discover that it’s okay to make mistakes and that these mistakes could lead to a totally new idea. This also helps develop their patience (for example, when waiting for gum or paint to dry) and this is something all kids need help with.

4. Arts and crafts for kids inspires them to think critically

When you give your kids the opportunity to work on something, you’re helping them make think critically to make decisions. As arts come with different possibilities, they are left to choose between painting their roof red or black.  You may also be left wondering if they’ll choose to draw a cat or a dog. Or just make a paper boat or swan.

When they make their choices, they decide and evaluate their own decisions so they can either change or repeat them a second time. By so doing, they become comfortable in thinking about different possibilities and more confident about making their choices 

5. It is an avenue for quality time/bonding

It is a fact that kids love spending time with their parents and this is a great way to do that – doing arts and crafts together. By so doing, you create lifelong memories you’ll always remember and cherish.

As you and your kids do craft together, you get to talk about what you’re doing and also get to talk about other ideas and topics.

This is also a good time to know more about your kids and let them know what you think or feel and that you care about them. You know the best part?

 Your child isn’t looking at a screen!

When Should I Start Arts and Crafts with my Kids?

There’s no better time to get into arts and crafts than now. Whether painting, drawing, simple coloring or making something 3D, they’re all arts and crafts that will improve child development. And that’s why you have to include it in their schedule!

To get started, stay glued to this space as we’ll be bringing you fun arts and crafts ideas your kids can engage in at home.

Let us know in the comment section below what your take on arts and crafts is.

Rukevwe Onoshirie

Rukevwe Onoshirie

She holds a degree in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Benin, Nigeria and is passionate about health and wellness.
When she’s not reading books or watching movies, she writes articles and blog posts for individuals and businesses.
You can connect with her on Twitter @thisrukevwe.

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Great thoughts, and practicable too…

    Osasenaga Odigie · May 3, 2020 at 7:18 am

    Glad you find it so, sire!

Favour Etinosa · May 2, 2020 at 2:53 pm

Hmmn….plus having artsy-craftsy bits around you have a better developed child. Beautiful!

    Osasenaga Odigie · May 3, 2020 at 7:19 am

    Sure, definitely.

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